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A Buffet Meal is the most popular of all for most types of Weddings.The guests can go up and help themselves to a wide array of menu items and take as much (or as little) of each item as they like.  Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., has a very successful formula of menu items, and can advise you on the best choices.

A wide selections of alternate menu items is listed right at the bottom. Choose your dream menu, and we will price it accurately for you and make solid suggested to try and help you meet your budget! If you want to create you own menu, click here.

Remember, we are working together to create your perfect event. You choose what you want!

However, you are the customer, and you might like to make the choices more extensive, and more “upscale”.  We would prefer not to assume what you would like, but just advise on what has worked well in the past. Feel free to create your own menu from suggestions listed below. We have broken each menu down for you to see and ask for a quote for each specific menu, and have provided suggestions for you which we are happy to change for you.

All of our buffet meals are supplied with the very best service equipment from Germany, and are sure to impress your guests.  If there is a menu item not listed, please let us know and we will make it for you.  All of our menu items are made on site using the freshest of ingredients, and from recipes we have generated from over 25 years of experience. "We thrive on DELICIOUS, CUSTOMIZED MENUS!"

PLEASE NOTE:-Included with all Buffet Meal Pricings: China, Cutlery, Wine Glass, Water Glass, Water Carafes, Table Linens, Skirted Buffet Tables, Service Staff and Serving Equipment. No hidden costs; No hidden extras!

A 17.5% Gratuity will be applied to the final invoice total and GST will be charged at the current Government rate.

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SILVER Dinner Menu

Our Most Popular Choice

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A Step Up

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PLATINUM Dinner Menu

Our Grandest Buffet

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BRONZE Buffet #1

Minimum of 100 Guests

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BRONZE Buffet #2

Minimum of 100 Guests

BRONZE Buffet #3

Minimum of 100 Guests

Alternative Menu Items Choices



Traditional Caesar Salad
(We make our own Bacon Bits, Croûtons & Dressing. Fantastic!)
Tossed Chef’s Greens with a Selection of Dressings
Spinach & Strawberry Salad with Kiwi Dressing
Italian Pasta Salad
Traditional Potato Salad
Red Potato with Red Onion, Green Beans & Dijon Mustard
Thai Noodle Salad with Soy, Sesame and Vegetables
Tabbouleh Salad with Bulgar Wheat and Fresh Parsley
Traditional Greek Salad
Greek Pasta Salad
Ocean Fresh Seafood Salad with Green Pepper & Pernod
Creamy Cucumber and Onion Salad
Creamy Coleslaw
Broccoli, Raisin Salad
Marinated Fresh Vegetable Salad
Sweet & Spicy Couscous Salad
Spinach and Mushroom with Fresh Herb Dressing
Medley of Bean Salad
Carrot & Raisin Salad
Tomato, Onion & Artichoke Salad

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