Innovators in Catering



"In 1998, Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., decided to make two television commercials, which we think are worthy of placing on our web page. They will show you that we are unique, not just "another catering company" and also one dedicated to first class food and service.

The file sizes are quite large, and you will need to load "Quick Time" to view them. If you have a slow connection, I doubt you will have the patience! If you have a high speed connection, I would love you to take the time. They are each 30 seconds long, and are the best commercials for a caterer I have seen. No chefs with flaming pans in these commercials!!

Let me know what you think, using the e-mail facility below. Thank you!! Steven Marsh – Chef/Owner"

Download a free version of quicktime here.


Hot Cars (1.9MB)

Mountain (1.8MB)