Innovators in Catering


Steven Marsh - Owner/Founder

Elizabeth Marsh - Owner

Vicky Mueller - Sales Manager

Shelly Bolt - Sales Associate

Emily Carter - Sales Administrator

Sherry Christie - Receptionist

Lise Kerrin - Packing Coordinator

Susan Williams - Setup/Packing Manager

Eileen Eckert - Accounts Administrator


Steven Marsh - Chef

Jamie Minaker - Sous Chef

Gerald Morrison - Chef Garde Manger

Jennifer Sleath - Pastry Chef


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Vicky Mueller - Sales Associate

Vicky has been with Elizabethan since August of 2010. She began in our banqueting area and has moved into the Setup Cooridinator position as of November of 2010. With Vicky's food service experience, she has also brought 35 years of customer service knowledge with her, making for a perfect match in a very precise industry.

Vicky believes that you are only as good as the staff you have working with you and she has a crew that are invaluable. She can and will make the venue you have chosen look perfect on your day, bringing her sense of detail, creativity and professionalism to the table.

She is always open to suggestions and strives to make every setup both esthetic and functional. Don't be afraid to discuss your unique needs with her as she sets you up!