Innovators in Catering


Steven Marsh - Owner/Founder

Elizabeth Marsh - Owner

Vicky Mueller - Sales Manager

Shelly Bolt - Sales Associate

Emily Carter - Sales Administrator

Sherry Christie - Receptionist

Lise Kerrin - Packing Coordinator

Susan Williams - Setup/Packing Manager

Eileen Eckert - Accounts Administrator


Steven Marsh - Chef

Jamie Minaker - Sous Chef

Gerald Morrison - Chef Garde Manger

Jennifer Sleath - Pastry Chef


Ardith McKinley Becky Fitzgerald Brenda Lindberg Clayton Schafers Irmgard Basler Jillian Stirling Lise Kerrin Marlene Rizzie Mark Westerlund Monique McGuire Susan Williams Tara Murphy Theresa Winnichuk


Elizabeth Marsh - Owner

Elizabeth joined her husband at the business in 1987, and married Steven in December 1990.

Working hard to put Elizabethan on the Map, she constructed the Sales Department, and concentrated on the Bridal Segment. Elizabeth also represented Elizabethan as the Key-note speaker at the Edmonton Bridal Fair and Business Conferences as far as Calgary. 

Often seen on National Television, Elizabeth became the face of the business, keeping the company in the news both in Newspapers, Television and live interviews on Radio. 

Elizabeth was awarded the I.T.V. Woman of Vision award in December 1999 for her work with youth and encouraging businesses to mentor youth and has worked closely with Schools and Colleges for career days. 

In her free time, Elizabeth sings and acts in local and Edmonton theatres and with her auctioneering skills, she can be seen at fund raisers and other events.