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A brunch is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday Morning.  The choices for Brunch are obviously endless, and we would be happy to customize any suggestions that you may have for us.  As a Brunch is a combination of Breakfast and Lunch, eggs of some sort are generally features, together with main meat selections, such as Roast Beef.  For a change of pace, one of our chef’s can come down and cook at a crepe bar, or sauté bar, or carve the meat.  Whatever you would like, we would be happy to suggest some menu ideas to you.

Suggested Menu

Sauté of Chicken Chasseur
Braised Beef with Vegetables
Scrambled Eggs
Grilled Bacon

Grilled Breakfast Sausages

O'Brien Potatoes
Medley of Fresh Vegetables
Tossed Garden Salad, Saskatoon Dressing
Italian Pasta Salad
Croissants & Butter
Assorted Muffins, Preserves, Condiments

Dinner Buns & Butter

A Variety of Desserts & Pastries
Chilled Fruit Juice
Tea & Coffee
Formally Attired Staff, China, Linens & Service Equipment